Call for home milk delivery today.

    Model Dairy brings an early morning dairy store
    directly to your home.  Yes…  The good old-fashioned milkman is ready to deliver the freshest dairy products right to your doorstep. Model Dairy home milk delivery makes your life easier. Our home milk delivery service is almost free and totally convenient with:

  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Guaranteed highest quality products.
  • Only a $1.00 unlimited monthly service charge.
  • No contracts, no minimum purchases or further
  • Simple set up: For the Sparks area, call LaMonte or Becky 356-6469, or for in the Reno area, call the main office (775) 352-4444.
  • Really dependable, high-quality customer service… You will not be disappointed.

home milk deliveryLocal dairyman supply the freshest milk possible.

Would you like to watch the Model Dairy milkmen in action?  View this television news video and see your milkman at work.

milkman in Sparks